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Service Information

All about boarding and disembarking procedures for passengers with special needs and reduced mobility

Dear Customer, welcome to Milan Malpensa Airport.

Our staff is ready to assist You with a variety of services, if during Your stay here You feel in need of help, whether for age-related reasons, for a sensory or physical disability You might have, for the inability of walking long distances or for any condition that requires a special attention and an adjustment in the standard passengers service, like in the presence of an hidden disability for instance.

PRM assistance procedures are a responsibility of SEA.

If You have not requested the service during the booking procedures, we commit to assisting You as quickly as possible.
If You are travelling with Your own electric wheelchair or scooter, please make sure the airline You are flying with knows it in advance.


It is possible to report Your presence as well as activate the service directly at the check in desks or through specific interphones "Sala Amica Call Points" located near doors 12,15 and 19 in the Departures Area and doors 4 and 7 in the Arrivals Area.

From reporting, our dedicated staff will assist You according to Your specific needs; for example, during check in, safety and documents controls and boarding, by walking You to Your gate and, if necessary, on board of the aircraft.
When offered from the boarding area, special assistance can be delivered by walking You by feet and showing Your departure gate or pushing You on one of our dedicated wheelchairs.

Inside the airport You will find dedicated restrooms and several seating areas where You will be able to rest, should You need it while walking to the boarding gates. It is also possible to take a break in our Sala Amica lounges.
If the aircraft is parked in a remote stand, boarding will be carried out via special elevators called ambu-lifts that will allow You to board without having to climb steps.

If You need the help of a wheelchair to board the aircraft, our staff will be available to push You on one of our dedicated chairs whose size permits them to pass through the narrow aisles of airplanes. Should this be the case, passengers travelling with their own wheelchair will be assisted into transferring to the aircraft chair.
If You fly with someone, we will try to make sure, as much as possible, that he or she can accompany You during all the phases of departure.
Some of our special means of transportation inside the airport might have limited seating, therefore Your companion could be asked to give his seat up to someone else in need of assistance.
Should that be the case, we will try to organise the service with the aim of reducing the discomfort of being apart.

On Board

The airline company You fly with will assist You with its cabin crew.


If You asked to be assisted on arrival in Malpensa our staff will be present when You land to help You according to Your needs; by walking You through security and passport controls and baggage claim and taking You outside till where You need to go in the airport (passengers waiting areas, taxi, buses, parking lot..).
If You travel with Your own mobility aid (for instance Your own wheelchair) we suggest that You tell the airline as soon as possible on arrival so the ground staff can unload it from the aircraft's hold and give it to You quickly and efficiently.

Assistance on baggage claim will be free and guaranteed with a reasonable number of bags

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