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Required Documents and Regulations

News on the latest regulations on travel restrictions, required documents, self-isolation period, and swab tests for passengers

Restrictions and Required Documents


Travel to and from foreign countries is subjected to the Decree of the Italian President of the Council of Ministers dated January 14, 2021, which lists the possibility of specific limitations

For all the details on the limitations or on the need to produce a self-declaration for your trip, please consult the dedicated section of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or complete the Information Form on the Viaggiare Sicuri website.

In any case, we recommend you to check carefully the regulation established in the country of destination or any transit country before leaving for a trip abroad. Furthermore, each Italian Region has the possibility to impose additional regulations on those coming from foreign states or territories. It is therefore recommended to also check for any additional provisions by the Region of destination by contacting them directly or by visiting their websites.

N.B. Following the provision of the Italian Ministry of Health and ENAC dispositions, all passengers coming to Italy from a foreign destination need to fill in a SELF-CERTIFICATION FORM that must be completed and handed over to the carrier before departure.  
For all the exceptions regarding self-isolation, please, visit the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.




Travels within the Italian territory are regulated by the Prime Ministerial Decree of January 14, 2021, and by the Law-Decree dated January 5, 2021, which identifies three different levels of risk in Italy.

All passengers leaving to or from one of the Regions identified in the red and orange zones must, therefore, justify the necessity of their travel with a self-declaration form.

It is necessary to arrive at the airport with the self-declaration form filled out: it will be verified by Police staff before going through the security check. Therefore, we invite passengers to arrive at the airport in advance.

For further information regarding limitations and required documents for traveling to and from foreign countries, please visit our COVID-19 FAQs.




Passengers coming from the EU, Schengen, or associated countries are no longer subject to fiduciary isolation unless they have stayed in different countries during the 14 days before entering Italy. For all people coming from the countries mentioned above, it is mandatory to communicate their arrival to the Prevention Department of the local health agency and present a negative swab test certificate for COVID-19, carried out in the 48 hours prior to their entry into the Italian territory. Those who shall not present a negative swab test certificate are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

For arriving passengers who stayed or transited in the United Kingdom it is mandatory to undergo a swab test for COVID-19 in the 72 hours prior to boarding and a second test at the airport. It is also mandatory to self-isolate for a 14-day period, and to give notification of their arrival to the competent local health authorities.

The swab test service at the airport is managed by ATS Insubria Health Protection Agency, in collaboration with Local Health District Hospitals (ASST). Online reservation is mandatory to access the service. If you decide to take the test, you must log in to the ATS Insubria website with a mobile phone, a tablet, or a personal computer before entering the test site area. Fill in all the fields in the provided form and complete your COVID-19 test reservation. You can apply for the test online 48 hours before you arrive in Italy by visiting the provided link.

To access the COVID-19 Testing Area, you should take with you a travel document and a valid ID/passport. It is also mandatory to keep a safe distance from others and respect hygiene regulations (always wearing a face mask and cleaning your hands frequently with a hand sanitizer).

You will receive your test result via email as soon as they are ready.

Passengers who enter Italy after having stayed in or transited through the UK after January 7, 2021, or in territories other than the EU, Schengen, or associated countries are required to self-isolate for a 14-day period and to report their entry into Italy to the prevention department of the regionally competent local health authority. For all the exceptions regarding self-isolation, please, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

For more information on the regulations for passengers arriving from other countries, visit the website

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