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Milano Linate airport reopens

The City Airport of Milan returns to operations

Milano Linate airport returns to operations, after an almost-four-month stop caused by the Covid-19 health emergency which characterized the first moths of 2020.
Milano Linate airport will be operational in full compliance with the health regulations for passengers and airport operators. As it has happened with Malpensa before, new ways of accessing the terminal and ad one-way routes inside the terminal have been introduced to control the passenger flow, guarantee the respect of interpersonal safety distance and make the stay inside the airport as safe as possible.

When entering the terminal, all passengers and those accompanying them will be subjected to body temperature checks, carried out using a thermal scanner. Check-points are at door 3 on the Departures Floor and at door 7 at the Arrivals Floor.
In case the device detects a body temperature of 37.5 ° C or higher, a medical check-up is provided. Exit from the terminal is allowed from door 7 on the Arrivals Floor and from door 3 on the Departures Floor only.

Aeroporto di Milano Linate

Inside the airport, it is mandatory the use of a face mask and keeping a safe distance of at least one meter from one another. Passengers are also advised to adopt all the necessary behavioral rules to protect themselves and others.

These rules add themselves to other significative measures adopted by SEA to guarantee maximum safety from a hygienic and sanitary point of view, as sanitation of the entire airport perimeter in both internal (check-in counters, metal detectors, storage containers, seats, handrails of escalators, toilets, and elevators) and external areas, and the installment of sanitizing gel dispensers.

SEA has also started a communication campaign inside the airport, inviting all passengers to respect prevention rules essential to preserve our health and to fly in complete safety.

For information about specific flights, passengers are advised to contact the airline with which the reservation has been made.

Norme anti-contagio

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