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Check-in and security checks

For a pleasant journey

On this page we summarise the necessary information on controls that you might be required to undergo and the things to keep in mind before starting your journey.

Before departure

  • Try to be punctual - arrive in the airport within the times requested by the airlines
  • Check that your documents are all in order to reach the Country of destination
  • Indicate any passengers who have special needs at the time of booking - children of less than 2 years of age, unaccompanied minors, people with problems of mobility

Before going through the controls

  • Be sure that you are respectful of the rules relating to luggage, objects and animals travelling with the passenger
  • Consult the traveller’s Customs Charter which regulates journeys both from and to non-EU countries and EU countries.
  • You will find more information on the customs website, or download the Customs (Dogane) IT app

How security control works

  • Provide maximum collaboration in safeguarding flight safety and facilitating checks before acceding to the embarkation area.
  • Prepare your boarding card and the documents necessary to be shown during controls
  • Place metal objects or other objects included in the list that is included in the following in the special tray
  • You might be asked to remove your shoes or repeat X-ray checks more than once. We trust in your cooperation if it becomes necessary to open your hand luggage or confiscate something

Liquids in hand luggage

You can take on board, in your hand luggage, only a small quantity of liquids:
  • Carry the liquids in recipients having a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters or an equivalent measurement (100 grams)
  • Put the recipients in transparent and recloseable plastic bags having a maximum capacity of 1 liter (about 18 x 20 cm).
  • Show the transparent bags at luggage control separately from the rest of your hand baggage
  • You can only take only one transparent bag per passenger
  • You can take:
- water and other drinks, soups, concentrates
- creams, lotions and oils
- perfumes
- sprays
- gels, including hair and shower gels
- contents of pressurised recipients, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
- substances in paste form, including toothpaste
- liquid mixtures.


Liquids and beverages purchased in the duty-free shop and beyond the security controls

Liquids can be bought, such as beverages and perfumes in the airport retail outlets, the Duty-Free shops beyond security controls, on the aircraft and in other Community airports.
Products purchased at the Duty-Free shops and on-board aircraft will be handed over by the retailer in special sealed bags and can be transported onboard the aircraft.
Keep the products together with the receipt in the sealed bag at the time of purchase: these will be subject to controls at security stations.
We advise that you do not open the bags before arriving at the final destination: in some cases, Security Agents will have to open the bags and occasionally also the liquid containers.
If you do not do this, if there are intermediate stopovers the liquids purchased might be confiscated at security control.

Liquid transport during an intermediate landing

Inform the security agent: the agent will newly insert the liquid products in a sealed bag with the proof of purchase and a certificate attesting to the control carried out.
The regulations are applied even if you exit the customs arrivals area and then return into it during the three following hours.

Transport of medicines and dietary products for children

You can take medicines, dietary products and foodstuffs for children out of the reclosable bag and in your hand luggage.
It might be necessary to demonstrate the effective need for these articles.

Objects prohibited from hand luggage​

If you are carrying items in your baggage that do not pass the security controls, you can leave them in custody at the left luggage in the airport and collect them at your convenience when you return.


  Contact your airline or travel agency.

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