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Area 10 minuti

Picking up or dropping someone off? You have 10 minutes to stop, say farewell/hello and get going!

After having regulated the areas dedicated to the circulation and parking of airport operators, SEA, on the recommendation of ENAC and the Local police, has designed and implemented a traffic management system that allows passengers and those accompanying them to stop for 10 minutes with their cars in the areas immediately in front of Terminal 1 arrivals, departures and the Sheraton Hotel.

What is Area 10 minuti?

Area 10 Minuti (10 minutes area) is a controlled traffic area, with free access to all users, characterized by a system that electronically detects the time taken to enter and exit the airport area.

From the moment of access to the Area you have 10 minutes to welcome arriving passengers and move on.
Beyond the maximum time allowed the sanctions provided for in Law no.33 of 22 March 2012 will be applied.

If you need longer than 10 minutes, you can leave your car in one of the ViaMilano Parking car parks available at the airport at a charge.

Impaired Mobility Passenger

The following categories can access the "10 minutes area" with up to 4 hours of stay:
  • Those with disability cards
To take advantage of the exemption, you must complete the form entering, in addition to the required credentials, the number plate and window sticker number. You must fill in the form within 3 days from your stays in Area 10 minuti.
  • Passengers with Impaired Mobility who require assistance from the Sala Amica
At the time of assistance, a pin code will be provided, which must be entered, together with the required credentials, in the form. The form must be filled in made within 3 days of the day of assistance.

For longer stays, please use the parking SEA, where parking is free of charge.


SEA allows access to the Taxi Automation System via electronic control devices. Access is allowed against payment by taxi drivers of the agreed fee. ONLY taxis on a regular work shift can access the Taxi Automation System.

Taxi drivers are responsible for full compliance with the conditions of SEA structures during use of the areas. SEA shall not be liable for damage caused by third parties, theft, pilfering or break-ins and/or vandalism in these areas, or for accidents to taxi drivers inside these areas.

SEA may apply penalties in case of violation of the Regulations. Violations and application of penalties shall be notified to drivers by SEA personnel.

For further details on 10 Minute Area access procedures, please write to

Chauffeur-driven Car Rental

To gain access to the area, Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental companies must be in possession of the requisites provided for by law for exercising such activity and display on the rear number plate of the vehicle the license badge (license number and issuing Municipality).

Access to LEVEL A is subject to possession of a prepaid card, which must be purchased in advance at the "Via Milano Parking" car park cash desk in the terminal building. Upon purchase a copy of the log book and license must be submitted.

Access to LEVEL B is restricted to Telepass holders.

Each parking space must be used for parking one motor vehicle only; in Level A and Level B car parks, parking of motorcycles and mopeds of any kind is not allowed.

SEA SpA, for safety reasons and/or to allow works to be carried out in the parking area, may also move vehicles to areas different from those originally selected by the user.

In the car park the highway code must be observed. The user must scrupulously observe the signs displayed in the car parks as well as all legislative and regulatory provisions.
Inside the car park, circulation must be strictly dead slow.

For further details on 10 Minute Area access procedures, please write to accessibilità

Scheduled Bus and Shuttle Service

The loading area is in two lanes, one for scheduled airport bus connection services and one for shuttle buses to car parks outside the airport having agreements with SEA.

Access to the area is via a barrier and allowed for users in possession of a functioning Telepass which have signed agreements with SEA to discipline airport activity.

Users can access the area and the loading bay 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure resulting from the timetable (if scheduled service providers). Shuttle buses to car parks outside the airport may access the area for the time strictly necessary for loading and must vacate the area immediately.

The area has a monitor which, according to the information provided to SEA by users performing the services, contains the following data for the purposes of proper information to passengers: user name, assigned loading bay, time of departure, destination, any intermediate stops, where provided for in the operating plan.

Any requests for access by users, subsequent to the date of this Regulation, will be evaluated by SEA in accordance with operating plans and capacity of the area. SEA reserves the right to identify different areas for carrying out the activity at conditions to be agreed upon between SEA and users.

For further details on 10 Minute Area access procedures, please write to accessibilità

Coach Services

Access to the area is via a barrier and is allowed for Users in possession of a functioning Telepass.

Both in transiting and stopping, drivers must make sure that roads and areas in the proximity of entrances/exits are left free for use in case of emergency or need.

For further details on 10 Minute Area access procedures, please write to accessibilità

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