Assistance for passengers with special needs and reduced mobility

The service SEA offers Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) complies with the EC1107/2006 regulation enforced in July 2008. Furthermore, in February 2012, SEA was awarded the TÜV Italia certification for services rendered to PRM passengers in our terminals. The combination of these certifications has given rise to a self imposed technical committee which keeps a fatherly eye on all services, members include AOC, ENAC, competent SEA staff and a board of external advisors who represent various disability groups.
By regularly measuring standards and performance levels its primary function is to point out any imperfections so they can be rapidly corrected. The ultimate goal is to ensure each passenger has a comfortable and enjoyable experience in our airport.
In addition to the above, in 2010 Dasa-Rägister approved SEA (Malpensa 1, Malpensa 2 and Linate) for its compliance with D-4001:2008, regulation which defines the requirements a building must offer passengers with reduced mobility in a context of equal rights (Certificate Registration n. IA-0510-01).