Information on provided services

Boarding and disembarking procedures for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

As airport operator, SEA is responsible for all phases of the service provided at the airport, as summarized below:

At departure
Sala Amica
assistance personnel take charge of the person from the service activation point (the service can be activated from information desks, check-in desks, or special intercoms installed in parking areas or inside the airport), and assist him/her throughout the process (check in, security control and boarding). At any time the passenger may stop at the Sale Amica lounges available in the airport or use other airport services (bar, shops, etc.).

Boarding procedures, particularly for passengers in wheelchairs, are carried out as follows:

  • aircraft at the finger where the assisted person boards the aircraft with all other passengers using the finger
  • aircraft at a remote stand (or not connected to the finger) where the person is carried on board using special elevators called ambulifts.

In both cases, the person is carried on board using special chairs provided by SEA, sized to fit through the narrow aircraft aisle.Therefore, before boarding the person must be moved from her own to SEA’s chair.
SEA’s assistance responsibility ends once the person is seated on board. From this time on, responsibility is handed over to the airline, whose cabin crew will provide on board assistance.

At arrival
Sala Amica personnel meet the passenger at the aircraft seat, accompany him/her to baggage claim (if applicable) and then to the location inside the airport indicated by the person (e.g. Arrivals, parking area, taxi stand, bus stop, etc.). The same process described for boarding also applies to disembarking.

For further information on quality standards and assistance service requirements, please refer to our Technical Regulations.