This project as the Rights of special needs passengers at heart and SEA, Milan Airports, has developed the idea initially promoted by ENAC.

The purpose is to provide passengers accompanying children or adults affected by ASD, with an opportunity to make the all-round experience for these special passengers as pleasant and smoof as possible.

Our project offers the possibility of booking a preparatory guided visit to the airport of departure, enabling these special passengers to familiarize with the unique sounds and spaces typical of the airport environment.

Passengers requiring assistance are welcome to come for a carefully thought preparatory visit of the airport a few days prior to travelling.

There is a limit of 2 escorts per ASD passenger. To book, please provide us with:
- a copy of ticket/coupon bearing full name of the passenger requiring assistance;
- the filled-in form sent with at least 7 days notice

Guided Visit Booking Form

If a preparatory visit is not possible for you, our designated staff will be on hand to ensure your experience is as pleasant and smoof as possible on the day you travel.

SEA sought the advice of specialised organisations to help define these contents.

We remind passengers that assistance must be requested with airline, travel agent or tour operator, at least 48 hours prior to date of departure. All SEA assistance (Sala Amica) is free of charge.