Airport clinic

Milan airports have their own National Health Service clinic onsite to provide healthcare services to passengers and the general public.

Travel medicine

For up-to-date information on the preventive measures recommended for various destinations visit Depending on the destination, the doctors and nurses can provide passengers and the public with medical advice for travelling, specific information on preventive medicines, and general advice on health and hygiene. Following an initial assessment, where recommended, a suitable protective vaccination may be agreed and administered. Appointments, examinations and treatments must be booked by phone in advance to ensure that the necessary vaccines (furnished by the Ministry of Health) are available.

Medical certificates

It is possible to obtain health certificates from the airport clinic. The NHS doctors in service at the clinic are qualified to issue valid health certificates to obtain or renew driving or sailing licenses or for registration with Gente di Mare. Appointments must be booked in advance for medical check-ups at the clinic.

Sanity Offices

Ufficio di Sanità Aerea - Milano Malpensa (Terminal 2) - c.a.p. 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA)
Tel. (+39) 06 59944793 / 02 58583411 – Fax (+39) 02 58583461

Ufficio di Sanità Aerea - Milano Linate - c.a.p. 20090 Segrate (MI) – Aeroporto Milano Linate
Tel. (+39) 06 59944779 / 02 7560760 – Fax (+39) 02 70210000