These terms and conditions of the performance of the Airport Service (hereinafter referred to as the "T&C") regulate the performance of the Airport Service, as defined below, supplied, both directly and through third parties, by Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A, with registered office in Segrate (MI), Milan Linate airport, share capital € 27,500,000.00 fully paid, registered in the Companies' Register at the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) of Milan under REA No. 472807, Tax Code and VAT No. 00826040156 (hereinafter "SEA").

The Airport Service, as described hereinafter, is included in the Connection Service consisting in i) Protection Service (please see as provided on the Website) and ii) the supply of such Airport Service, sold by Dohop EHF, with registered office in Noatun 17, 105 Reykjavik - Iceland (hereinafter “Dohop”) on the Worldwide by easyJet website (hereinafter the “Website”).

The person making the booking, on behalf of all passengers for which the booking is made (hereinafter the "Passenger") is required, before booking the Connection Service on the Website, to read these T&C. By ticking the acceptance box on the Website and completing a booking, you confirm you have read and accept these T&C on behalf of all Passengers.

1. The Facilities included in the Airport Service

SEA supplies the following Airport Service, consisting in:

a) Use of Fast Track lane at Security Controls
b) Baggage Assistance on to your onward flight
c) in order to improve the Passenger experience at Milan Malpensa Airport, the possibility for the Passenger to enjoy a Discount of 10 euros, against a minimum purchase of 40 euros, in one of the affiliated shops, indicated below, upon presentation of the relevant code of purchase of the service above.

SEA shall provide such service only towards Passenger that has previously bought the Connection Service on the Website and, therefore, are in possession of the relevant Booking e-mail confirmation (hereinafter the “Booking e-mail”).

If the Passenger does not need the Baggage Assistance service under (b) above, the Passenger in any event is entitled to use the Fast Track and Discount services.

The Fast Track and Discount entitlement shall be indicated by a unique Barcode provided to the Passenger in the Booking e-mail (hereinafter the “Code”).

The Baggage Assistance entitlement is indicated in the Booking e-mail provided to the Passenger (no code is required).

In case of temporary unavailability of the Airport Service, or one or more facilities listed above, due to operational reasons (such as equipment or system failure, etc.) and force majeure events SEA will endeavor to restore normal functions, and, as far as possible, to minimize any inconvenience to the Passenger.

1.1 The Fast Track

The Fast Track entry (hereinafter the “Fast Track”) allows access at security controls using a dedicated lane called “ViaMilano Fast Track”.

In order to access to Fast Track, the Passenger must have the Code received within the Booking E-mail and a valid Boarding Pass.

The Fast Track is non-transferable and can be used once only.

The Fast Track shall be valid only for the day of the outbound flight.

1.2 The Baggage Assistance

The Baggage Assistance (hereinafter the “Baggage Assistance”) consists in tagging and transferring hold baggage to your onward flight only. Your baggage will not be automatically collected from your inbound flight.

Passengers must collect their baggage themselves from the baggage reclaim belt from their inbound flight. They must then proceed to the “ViaMilano” desks, identified with the “Worldwide by easyJet” trademark (the “ViaMilano Desk”) that are located as follows:

2 Desks located in Malpensa T1 baggage reclaim halls: 1 (one) Desk is near to the Baggage claim 5 and 1 (one) Desk near to the Baggage claim 9

1 Desk located in Malpensa T2 baggage reclaim hall: near to the Baggage claim 2

The Passenger must collect their luggage at the baggage claim and present it at the ViaMilano Desk no later than 100 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of their onward flight.

At the Desk the staff will perform the following activities:

1. Preliminary check of the Passenger in order to verify that he is entitled to use the Airport Service, checking the Booking e-mail. Passengers who do not have the Booking e-mail may be refused. The staff will verify that the actual booked Minimum Connecting Time (hereinafter “MCT”) of 150 minutes between the inbound flight and the onward flight is respected. In any case the Passenger has to arrive at the Desk, within 100 minutes prior to the departure of the onward flight.

The Passenger must respect the time limits established by the Airline for being at the Boarding gate.

In the event that the actual booked MCT is less than 150 minutes and, in any case, the passenger presents at the desk with less than 100 minutes before their scheduled departure time of their outbound flight, SEA will be not be liable, the Baggage Assistance will not be performed and the Passenger will not be accepted.

If the Passenger is no longer eligible for the Airport Service due to a schedule change that reduces MCT, the Passenger shall address to the Dohop Call Center.

2. Before labelling the Passenger’s baggage, the staff will contact Customs Officers to inform them about the presence of a transit bag. Only after the Customs approval it is possible to proceed with the acceptance of the Passenger’s baggage. In the event that the Customs need to make an inspection on the Passenger’s baggage and, as a consequence, the Passenger misses their outbound flight, SEA will not be liable for non-performance of the Airport Service.

3. The staff will verify the compliance of the Passenger’s baggage with the receiving Airline's baggage policy allowance. In case of extra weight baggage, the Baggage Assistance cannot be performed at the Desk and, therefore, the staff will address the Passenger to the check-in counters of the onward flight Airline. For Passengers departing on an easyJet onward flight, once the baggage is tagged and accepted at the Via Milano Desk, the Passenger can proceed directly to the departure gates. For Passenger departing on an Airline other than easyJet, once the baggage is tagged and accepted at the ViaMilano Desk, the staff will address the Passenger to the check-in counters of the outbound Airline in order to complete check-in procedures and inform the Airline of the baggage tag details. Once the Passenger has given these details to the Airline, the baggage will be loaded onto the Passenger’s flight.

1.3 The Discount of 10 euros

In order to use the retail discount (hereinafter the “Discount”) the Passenger must have the Code received within the Booking E-mail. It can be used for the purchase of one or more items with a cost equal to or exceeding €40 (forty) euros per individual receipt. Purchases below this threshold do not provide the right to benefit the Discount. The Discount cannot be cumulated and is only available to departing Passenger with a valid boarding pass. The Discount is available at all shops in Malpensa Terminal 1 (with exception of Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Gucci, Tod’s) and Terminal 2, and with the exception of Pharmacies, news-stands/tobacconists, catering outlets (bars, cafés, pizzerias, restaurants, etc.) and car hire. The full list of shops where the Discount can be used is available at following web site address: http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/flights/plan-your-flight/shopping-voucher

In any case, purchases for the following categories of goods do not contribute to the purchase limit of 40 euros: Tobacco - Medicines, Over-the-counter Medicines - Lotteries, Betting and Scratch cards - Postal Products - Pre-paid phone cards and TV subscription cards - Newspapers and periodicals.

2. The limitation of SEA’s liability

When the Passenger books the Airport Service the Passenger acknowledges that SEA is only liable for damage to the baggage during the performance of such Airport Service and due to the SEA’s fault or gross negligence. SEA’s is not liable for the handling of the baggage during inbound or outbound flight.

In the event of destruction, loss or damage to baggage delivered to SEA due to the extent of the Airport Service, SEA’s liability shall be limited to the maximum amount of, in any event, up to € 1,200.00 (twelve hundred/00) (the “Limited Liability”). However, SEA is not liable if the destruction, or loss of, or damage to the baggage results from one or more of the followings:

a) inherent defect, quality or vice of that baggage;
b) defective packing of that baggage performed by a person other than SEA (e.g. the carrier or its employee or agents);
c) an act of public authority carried out in connection with the entry, exit or transit of the baggage

In case of damage, delay, loss or destruction of baggage due to the SEA’s fault or gross negligence during the performance of the Airport Service, the Passenger must file a written complaint within seven days and, in case of delay, within 21 days of the date on which the baggage is placed at the disposal of the Passenger, at the following web-site address: http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/help-center/complaints. Please note that, the Limited Liability, does not cover loss or damage to valuable, fragile or perishable objects happened during the Baggage Assistance.

As noted in section 1.2 of this T&C, with the exception of Passengers departing on an easyJet onward flight, although the baggage will be tagged ready for transfer to other airline’s departing flights, the check-in of the Passenger and submission of the baggage tag details must be made at the counters of the outbound Airline. Therefore, SEA is not liable for such check-in of the Passenger.
Furthermore, SEA shall not be liable in the event that the Passenger loses his flight due to queues, late arrival of Passenger at gates and any other inconvenience caused to the Passenger resulting from a high number of people using the Airport Service

Moreover, SEA shall also not be liable in the event that the Passenger is refused at the boarding gate due to his failure to comply with security and or immigration rules and policies, as well as the Airline policy concerning hand baggage.

SEA is not liable for the performance of the Protection Service provided by Dohop. Information on the Protection Service is provided in the Dohop Terms and Conditions listed on the Website.

Passenger must always proceed to the onward flight check-in counters for:

a. boarding card issuing (except for easyJet outbound flights) and/or
b. verification by US Immigration requirements (US-bound flights) and
c. communicating the bag tag number to the receiving carrier in order to finalize baggage check-in and register the bag as transit bag (except for easyJet flights)

3. The condition for the performance of the Airport Service

a) Although the baggage will be tagged for the outbound flight at the ViaMilano Desk, The Passenger check- in is not included in the Airport Service, except for easyJet outbound flights:

Except for the easyJet outbound flights, the Passenger has to go always to the counters of the outbound Airline to be checked-in.

b) Eligible Passengers

The following Passengers are not eligible for the Airport Service:

- Unaccompanied Minors (hereinafter “UNMR”) aged 14 years or under,
- Passengers with live Animals in Hold (hereinafter AVIH),
- Passengers with weapons in Hold,
- Passengers requiring to proceed to tax refund desk,
- Passengers not departing on the same day
- Limited to the Baggage Assistance:
i) Passengers who has to pay extra bag or any other ancillary fee,
ii) Passengers whose onward flight has been rescheduled in a different day: baggage will be not accepted at the desk,
iii) Passengers whose flights are within the indicated MCT but present themselves late at the Desk (i.e. < 100 mins) due to their negligence and/or fault.

c) Maximum Baggage Weight allowed

The Passenger must respect the receiving Airline's baggage allowance. In case of baggage extra weight, the Baggage Assistance cannot be performed at the Desk and, therefore, the staff will address the Passenger to the check-in counters of the outbound Airline.

d) The Minimum Connecting Time

The booked Minimum Connecting Time allowed between the inbound flight and the outbound flight is 150 minutes and the Passenger has to present themselves with their baggage at the Desk, in any case, within 100 minutes prior to departure of the onward flight. Otherwise, SEA shall not be able to accept baggage for Baggage Assistance.

e) Other SEA’s limitation to the performance of the Airport Service

SEA reserves the right to refuse the performance of the Baggage Assistance for security or safety reasons or for any other reason outside of SEA’s reasonable control.

4) In the event of “misconnection”

In the event of flight reschedules, late arrival or misconnection, Passengers must refer to Dohop for rebooking assistance by calling the Dohop Contact Centre, in accordance with the Dohop Protection Service Terms and Conditions on the Website.

SEA is not responsible for assisting Passengers in rebooking of missed connections.

5) SEA’s Customer service

In case of request of further information on claims and questions on Airport Service, the Passenger can contact the following number (+39) 02 232323 or connect to http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/help-center

6) Privacy

In fulfilling its contractual obligations, and in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the "Personal Data Protection Code" (hereinafter the "Privacy Code"), as subsequently amended, SEA, as "Personal Data Processor", collects and processes Passenger personal data, which are communicated voluntarily during the booking the Connection Services on the Website.

In accordance with what established by art. 13 of the Privacy Code, all information concerning the purposes and methods of processing Passenger data, the compulsory or voluntary nature of the data provided, the parties to whom such information may be provided, the rights of the Passenger (including modifying such data or cancellation thereof), as well as SEA policy on Cookies, are contained within the SEA Privacy Policy that the Passenger is expressly invited to consult before booking the Connection Service on following link http://www.seamilano.eu/en/privacy

SEA adopts measures to eliminate or anonymize the Relevant Personal Data within 24 hours of receipt.

7) General provisions

The T&C may be subject to change: the latest version will always be available on the Website by clicking the link to the Airport Service T&C. SEA reserves the right to amend these T&C at any time without notice to the Passenger, provided that the Passenger's booking will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale on the Website at the time of purchase of the Connection Service.

Please note that these T&C form an integral part of the terms and conditions of sale applicable to the Connection Service sold on the Website.

Therefore, the Connection Service shall be subject to the law and jurisdiction provided under Terms and Conditions of Sale on Website.

Notwithstanding the above, the T&C of the Airport Service are governed by Italian law.

For any possible disputes may arise in connection with the T&C of the Airport Service will be competent the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Passenger, if situated on the territory of the Italian State.

In all other cases, and in the event of any other possible disputes may arise in connection with the supply of the Airport Service (unless different venue is competent according to the applicable Consumer Law), the exclusive place of jurisdiction will be the Court of Milan.

In relation to the Airport Service, in case of conflict between the provisions of this T&C and the terms and conditions of sale” on the Website, these T&C, as updated from time to time, shall prevail.

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