Area 10 Minuti

SEA, on the recommendation of ENAC and the Local police, has designed and implemented a traffic management system that allows passengers and those accompanying them to stop for 10 minutes with their cars in the areas immediately in front of Terminal 1 of Malpensa airport arrivals and the Sheraton Hotel.

This new opportunity has been called the "10 Minute Area", a controlled traffic area, with free access to all users, characterised by a system that electronically detects the time taken to enter and exit the airport area.


Bars delimit the area and access is allowed exclusively to GT and TPS buses, with seating capacity of more than 10 people, who have entered into a business agreement with SEA or by collecting the ticket from the access column and subsequent payment at the pay station. Transit is only allowed for the time required to drop off passengers and, in any case, not longer than 30 minutes. Moreover, the vehicles must make sure the traffic routes and spaces near the entrances/exits are always free in order to ensure use in case of emergency or need.


To access the area, users must have the authorisations provided for by regulations for the activities carried out.


The fees due for parking are indicated in the rules displayed before accessing the area.

For further information write to:

Write to accessibilità for further information on the methods to access the 10-Minute Area.