Fly eastward with the new destinations served by Wizz Air and Fly Ernest

Publication Date: 19/02/2019

After launching the flight to Vienna on 22 February with 7 connections per week, Wizz Air will inaugurate a new destination from Malpensa on 19 March: Ohrid, a city of Macedonia that overlooks the homonymous Lake Ohrid.

Ohrid is located on the border between Macedonia and Albania and is by all means an undiscovered gem rich in history. The territory of Ohrid, in fact, was once the site of very ancient Illyrian and later Greek settlements, while in the middle ages, the city was one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centres of the Balkan peninsula. In 1979, the old town and Lake Ohrid were designated world heritage sites. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Lake from the Church of Sveti Jovan, the Robevi House, home to the National Museum, and be sure to make a visit to Macedonia's largest archaeological site, Plaošnik.

Always in March, Fly Ernest will also launch a new flight to another city in Eastern Europe: Kharkiv, Ukraine. The new destination will be inaugurated on 12 March with 2 flights per week. The square of Kharkiv, which spans 11 hectares, is one of the distinguishing elements of the city, along with the University dating back to 1805 and the first skyscraper of the Soviet Union, the Derzhprom, the "House of State industry", a glass-and-concrete building built in 1928.