Fly with Neos to discover del Guizhou Province (Cina)

Publication Date: 22/01/2019

From 13th January, it will be possible to reach the city of Guiyang (China) from Milan Malpensa thanks to the weekly flight operated by the Neos airline with the Boeing 767/300ER.

Guiyang is the capital and economic and commercial centre of Guizhou Province in South East China. The metropolis, which has 3.5 million inhabitants, is one of the most interesting emerging cities in China, especially in terms of its big data industry.

In Guiyang you can visit the ancient village of Qingyan, in the southern tip of the city. Built in 1378, during the Ming dynasty, the village is known for its wonderful ancient Chinese architecture. The north-west part of the city contains Qianling Park, which is covered with dense vegetation, ancient trees and at least 1,000 kinds of medicinal herbs. The park is home to Hongfu Temple, built at the end of the Ming dynasty, one of the most famous temples in Guizhou Province.

The city of Guiyang, thanks to its location and excellent, affordable hotels, is a strategic base for visiting the province. Guizhou Province is characterized by rice fields, green terraced hills and ancient villages inhabited by 18 ethnic minorities. It is particularly worth visiting Huángguǒshù Falls, the ethnic villages around the Kǎilǐ City and the famous historic Zhaoxing village inhabited by the Dong.