MyChef Milano Malpensa

Publication Date: 23/04/2015

The new food court where you can enjoy traditional Italian dishes.

In Malpensa, the area dedicated to international "long haul" departures now has an "Italian Street market", a completely innovative refreshment area managed by MyChef in partnership with Barilla, Ferrarini and Mutti, three brands representing Italian food excellence.
The big “Welcome to the Italian Kitchen” sign welcomes those entering an enormous open kitchen which is divided into two: on the right, a covered market with thematic kiosks, on the left the “slow” restaurant.

Departing passengers will therefore find themselves immersed in a market square, overcome by the various fragrances and noises, and will be able to intensely experience the last bit of Italianness before their flight. Pasta, cold cuts, pizza, dairy products, fish and fruit are the six thematic kiosks that offer the possibility to choose and enjoy a traditional Italian meal.

The customised kiosks resemble the stalls of a covered market, and on the mezzanine of every street box is a pantry at the service of the kitchen, with the best Italian products.
For those with longer to wait, there is the "slow" restaurant where, through a serving hatch, you can be served directly by the Chef.
Same chefs, same quality of raw materials, only served in two different ways: one "fast" and one "slow" for an all Italian meal.