Dual destination Luxor- Hurghada with Air Cairo

Publication Date: 23/11/2018

Air Cairo, the Egyptian airline, inaugurates 24 December with the combined flight Luxor- Hurghada. The two tourist destinations will be reached once a week (on Monday) from Milano Malpensa.

The launch of the new flight by Air Cairo is closely linked to the double-digit growth (+53%) of passenger traffic from Malpensa to Egypt recorded since the beginning of the year. The Luxor-Hurghada travel destinations are now added to those already served by Air Cairo: Alexandria (3 flights a week, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday), Marsa Alam (1 flight per week, on Sundays) and Sharm el-Sheikh (2 flights a week, on Saturday and Sunday). Luxor, the ancient seat of the city of Thebes, is the heart of classical Egypt. The city is considered by many to be the world's largest open-air museum. In Luxor, visitors embark on a cruise on the Nile, the best way to visit the country. Along the river you can admire the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor, the Aswan High Dam and the Temple of Edfu, dedicated to the Egyptian god Horus. Hurghada is a seaside resort that lies along the Red Sea coast, which is well-known for scuba diving. The destination is the site of several hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In the heart of the old town, El Dahar, you can visit the Souk markets and sit at one of the traditional Egyptian coffee shops.