SEA MILAN AIRPORTS recognized through the Quality Service Certification (QSC)

Publication Date: 10/01/2017

In compliance with the parameters of evaluation defined by the QSC Program (China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification), SEA AIRPORT MILAN has received the QSC (Quality Service Certification).

The evaluation criteria for the awarding of recognition are based on a rigorous system which analyses the breadth and characteristics of services offered in the Chinese language, the available functions, the professionalism of the operators, and other services which facilitate the journeys and visits of Chinese travellers.

The service suppliers subject to evaluation include not only those of the Airport, but also those of restaurants, hotels, tourist package retailers, museums and travel agents abroad. And today 347 of them have received the QSC recognition, in 42 countries and regions of the world.

In 2015, there were more than 115 million outbound trips by Chinese citizens. Forecasted numbers continue to rise and confirm the positive trend of the last 15 years.

The QSC certification helps Chinese travelers to identify quality products and services offered by the professionals of a wide variety of visited countries, adding a greater guarantee of satisfaction for the client.

Further, the QSC Program will implement promotional activities for Malpensa airport to the Chinese market, to incentivise both tour operators and single passengers to select and utilize the Malpensa Milan airport in the planning of their respective travels.

Besides the QSC certification, SEA Airport has already been honored with the “ China Award” in 2014, and the CTW Award in 2015 for the reception of Chinese Tourists.

Those recognized are awarded for having already embarked on a path to continuously w+ork toward more welcoming and “Chinese Friendly” airports.

The QSC Program, originally launched and authorized in 2013 by the China National Tourism Administration, is currently directed and supported by the World Tourism Cities Federation, China Association of Travel Services, World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association, World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, Skal International, and a number of other influential Chinese and international organizations.

Italy China Tourism,, is the partner responsible for the Italian market of the QSC Program, under the authority of Dr. Antonella Orlandi.