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Where to collect your shopping

When you come back from your journey, picking up all the items you bought on departure will be a true pleasure.To collect your shopping, just bring all your receipts to the Shop&Collect Point at the airport. The desks are located in the Arrivals area, right next to the Lost&Found service. Take a look at the maps above to find yours.

Directly to your doorstep.

Shop&Collect's advantages have no limits. If you prefer to comfortably receive all your shopping at home, just request the paid (third-party) Home Delivery service, provided by AQS, that will deliver all your items right to your house anywhere in Italy.
If you have requested this service, go to their website and insert your tracking number on the homepage to check the status of your package(s).

Home delivery

Want to have your shopping delivered to your doorstep? For more info:

click here.

For more information:

Telephone: +39 02 23 23 23 | E-mail: